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How can I register with dekkh?

go to the registration page:
-Add user name( without space )
-Add mail (*****
-Add password
-Mark privacy and terms

What is Dekkh?

It is a social mathematical engine
It is a digital platform supported by a website
And an application that facilitates and manages the sports marketing process.
Contracting methods (players, technical staff, administrative staff, medical staff)
With clubs and sports federations around the world in various sports.
Creating a profile that contains data and videos about experiences
and user skills

What are the services that Dekkh provides?

Discover sports talents and provide the opportunity for the professionalism with ease
Marketing players professionally
Managing contracts with players, coaches, administrators, and the medical staff

Games that can register with Dekkh?


And if you play other games, please contact us to be added
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