basketball game

basketball game

Inventing the basketball game

The game of basketball dates back to the winter of 1891; The students of the International Youth Christian Association’s training school, currently known as the Springfield College of the American State of Massachusetts, were looking to play sports in closed gyms and be as motivating as football was; So the college administration decided to commission James Naismith to solve this problem. Naismith decided to create a comprehensive game whose rules can be easily understood as well as interesting And Naismith wanted this game to be able to be played in or out of gyms, and that it can be practiced by a large number of players at the same time And that this game has a lot of seamless sports movements, After reflection, Naismith decided to invent a game similar to that of his childhood in which a ball was used to be shot on a high and closed target so that the ball would not pass through. Naismith asked a school worker to bring in two boxes for use as targets. He brought in two baskets of peach fruit baskets instead of boxes and Naismith used them as targets for his new game; He installed these baskets on the gym wall, which was 3.05 meters high, and two people were placed in the baskets so that each would pick up the ball from the basket and return it to the pitch, as the basket was closed from below, but this was changed several years later.


Spread of basketball game

Naismith set the general rules for the game named basketball The rules consisted of thirteen rules at the time, Each team was made up of nine players, and the game began to grow and spread as Naismith students became coaches and teachers of this game and began to deploy it by forming teams in various high schools and university colleges, The game was broadcast until it became a game being played by young men and women across the USA. Some of the rules of the game changed after that and closed baskets were replaced by open ones that allowed the ball to pass through. And a new type of ball has been used to make players easy to dribble and shoot, some professional teams were formed for this game, and in the 1920s and the period thereafter the game became widespread in many parts of the world. Basketball became one of the Olympic sports in 1936.


The evolution of the basketball ball

Basketball was played when invented using football balls; However, these balls were inappropriate because of the difficulty of dealing with them during the game, and in 1894 the first basketball balls were produced, and a new type of balls with a greater ability to bounce back regularly was designed in 1929; Basketball balls became larger and lighter than they were, and in 1942 the cast balls were replaced by stitched balls of the same size and shape.


The first game at basketball history

The first game in the history of basketball was held on December 21, 1891; James Naismith’s classroom students played in two teams and nine players per team and at Springfield College’s gym stadium, which was 15.24 and 10.67 meters wide, which ended with one score for zero for one of the teams; The only goal in the game from within 7.6 meters of the basket was scored through player William Chase to become the first person to score a goal in the history of basketball; As for women’s basketball, it began one year after James Naismith invented the game, when gymnastics coach Cinda Bernson introduced basketball to Smith College, and the first women’s basketball game was played at Smith College Girls College in 1893.


The evolution of the basketball court

The dimensions of the basketball court have undergone many changes since the game was founded; The size of the stadium was initially limited to the size of James Naismith’s college gym, and Naismith did not establish any rules defining the dimensions of the stadium, In 1924, the laws drafted for the game indicated that the stadium should be 27.4 meters long and 15.2 meters wide. The International Basketball Federation’s new laws require the basketball court to be 28 meters long and 15 meters wide.


The first leagues and tournaments in basketball history

The National Basketball League was established. Founded in 1937, the League of the American Basketball Association (Basketball of Association of America), founded in 1946, and in 1949, both previous leagues were merged to result in the creation of the abbreviated NBA (NBA) in 1950 the first Basketball World Cup was organized in Argentina; which won the title over the United States of America.


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