Football game


Football game

Football is one of the most popular sports games among young people around the world. They often play football in various neighborhoods, arenas and stadiums. This game is no longer exclusively practiced by males. It extends to females until it becomes the most popular game in the world. Football competitions, especially international competitions, are highly viewed because of the intense competition between teams, and football has a very high mass base and popularity, while the numbers of players in the world of football are estimated according to the International Football Federation statistics. In 2006, FIFA accounted for 265 million players and players, and the number was still increasing by the day, which certainly indicated that the round witch was the most popular and popular game in the history of all the world’s sports.


Football History

This game dates back more than 2500 years BC in which the ancient Chinese practiced it and presented the various banquets to the winning team and whipped the team, In 600 BC it was known by Greeks and Japanese, and in 300 BC it reached Egyptian and Egyptian territory, But the game in its form that we know today came out as the first time in England. During the celebration of the evacuation of Danes from the English country, the inhabitants of the country played ball among themselves. and many people continued to play the game until it became widespread in many of the country, but royal decrees prohibited its play for multiple reasons until it was punishable by imprisonment; Because the then ruling authority was afraid of people’s preoccupation with it rather than their learning to shoot; This is because England was in the midst of the events of its war with Scotland at the time.

In 1863 football broke away from rugby football, and the world’s first football federation, the English Football Association, was founded. In the late nineteenth century, under the First World War, football was no longer the sole preserve of men. soccer has entered the world of women, despite the ban imposed on football because of the political circumstances of the time; However, following the lifting of the ban by the English Football Association, women’s football continued to spread worldwide. In 1904, after the great proliferation of football in various parts of the world, the existence of an international official body responsible for the game became necessary; Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was established. The basic laws of football were developed and developed in the future. After the founding of FIFA, the game became more organized, widespread and world-renowned, and football became a source of sports learning. According to the Federation’s statistics at the end of the twentieth century, the number of footballers in the world was about 250 million, and the number of fans of football sport was nearly 1.3 billion.


The most important stations in football history

–  The game’s first appearance was in English schools in 1710, in 1857 Sheffield was founded as the oldest club in the world, in 1862 the first laws of football were drawn up, and in 1865 the keeper was definitively prevented from catching the return ball of players.

–  In 1867 the infiltration principle called “ Offside “ fugue was promulgated, in 1872 laws were drawn up to codify and determine the size and specifications of the ball, and in 1875 the tape, which was determined by the height of the goal, was replaced by an accidental bar named the crossbar.

–  In 1878 the first whistle was used in arbitration by a British national refree, and in 1891 professional legislation was developed.

–  Founded on May 21, 1904, the Fédération internationale de Football International was established in Paris, the French capital, and is currently called FIFA, the world’s governing body based in Switzerland and specifically in Zurich.



The first football World Cup

The first World Cup in football was held in 1930 in Montevideo, a city in Uruguay, For example, Belgium, France, Uruguay and Yugoslavia were participated from Europe. In 1934, the second World Cup was held in Italy, and followed by the third tournament in 1938, hosted by the State of France, These world championships have been popular with football audiences But the 1950 World Championships in Brazil were more popular than other tournaments.


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