Origin and places of spread of handball

Origin and places of spread of handball


Origin and places of spread of handball

The genesis of this game remains unclear, while some historians consider it to be of Egyptian origin. (The Pharaohs reign) “As some inscriptions show,” others consider it to have originated as a game of activation and enthusiasm practiced by power athletes over time. As modern times began, the Germans developed the game and made some adjustments, allowing the player to run the ball after the players passed it while standing in their places. The game began to be played on the football field, with an eleven-man team, and the game “As We Know It Today” was created by a gymnastics professor in Germany, called “Max Heiser” in 1917, when he began training his pupils on a game valled (Handball), played in a 40-metre-long, 20-metre-wide stadium, the current measurement of a handball field, and then evolved after Heiser collaborated with a German physical education teacher, Schellner, who together developed new rules for the game, compared to some well-known football and basketball games.

This game first began in Denmark, Sweden and Germany at the end of the 19th century, and arose on the basis of another similar game that was played in outdoor arenas known as fastball, developed by Swedish athlete J Wollstorm into a sport in 1910. The star of this game emerged, evolved and popularized at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it is funny that whoever encouraged its spread was the Secretary-General of Fédération internationale de football, the Netherlands Herchmann in 1912.

The first rules of the handball game appeared in 1917 by Max Heiser, and in 1919 German sports professor Carl Schellens in Berlin developed rules for playing the game in outdoor arenas as well. And then many came to consider him one of the founding fathers of this game.

The International Amateur Handball Association was founded in 1928 on the sidelines of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1938, the game’s first world championship began in Germany.

The International Federation for This Game was founded in 1946 and included in its membership 8 countries considered to be the foundation of this game’s association.


Handball is an International Game:

The first international tournament took place in 1915 between the Austrian and German teams The number of players for each team was eleven, and the number of players for each team decreased to seven. The first game took place on this basis in 1925 between Denmark and Sweden. International meeting was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1927. The foundation of the International Federation was laid and the following year the first conference of the International Amateur Federation was held. He endorsed the rules of the international game, and then the game was classified in the Olympic platform at the 1936 Berlin Games, Germany won the match, after which it was cancelled from the Olympic Games to return in 1972 in Munich.

Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania and the Soviet Union are “in addition to Germany” the world’s most famous countries to have practiced and excelled in handball, countries that monopolize tournament titles at every world or Olympic cycle.


Handball in Arab States

Handball is a modern game in the Arab countries. Egypt is the first Arab country to practice and care for it and to develop and spread it in all Arab countries. Thanks to Dr. Mohammed Fadali, who first introduced handball into the programs of the Higher Institute of Sports Education for Teachers in Cairo, Egypt, in 1938, issued many brochures explaining the game’s basic principles, law and rules of practice. The first domestic handball tournament was held in Egypt in 1957, the same year being the first Egyptian handball federation headed by Dr. Fadali, and the International Handball Federation approved the admission of the Egyptian Federation as a permanent member of the international federation in 1960. Algeria and Morocco were among the first Arab countries to learn and practice handball; The game entered Tunisia in 1950, the Tunisian Handball Federation was founded in 1956, the handball game entered Lebanon in 1957 and the first handball school course was held in Lebanon in 1962. The handball game spread to Syria late, forming the first Syrian handball federation in 1961. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently introduced handball into its sports activities. The Saudi Handball Federation was established in 1975 and joined the Arab Handball Federation established in Riyadh in the same year.


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